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“For the author of Deep Green Yoga, the point of yoga is to align ourselves with the “inner ordering dynamics” of the universe. With its abundance of clarifying illustrations, quotes and chapter summaries this book serves as a vehicle for discovering how our bodies (as microcosm) and the world (as macrocosm) work.”
-Ellen LaConte, author of Life Rules

In this book you’ll discover seven geometric patterns that unfurl through the entire natural world and the thousands of positions we call yoga “poses.” As you learn to recognize and apply these patterns to your own yoga practice, you’ll discover their power as references by which you can center and gravitationally align your poses from the inside out.

This simple yet elegant approach awakens and strengthens natural instincts, nourishes an urgently-needed visceral sense of connection with the planet and other life forms, which we as a society tend to lack or undervalue. In this way, Deep Green Yoga broadens the definition of Yoga as “Union:” it strengthens connections not only within our bodies, but between each of us and the natural world.

“ I encourage all of us to work however we feel inspired to stop the killing of  the planet. This important book can help those who and who don’t study yoga to strengthen their dedication to that cause.”
- Derrick Jensen, Author of A Language Older Than Words

“ Hang on to your hat while you read this! You’re in for an exciting ride that will shake up your assumptions–if you let it–and give you a whole new premise for your life. This book is profound and holistic in a way that’s truly healing even to read, let alone practice.”
- Deborah Pruitt, Author of Group Alchemy